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Brecon Beacons – April 2018

On my phone there is a WhatsApp group titled ‘Adventure Club’, in it there are five carefully chosen companions with a love for adventure and a varying level of competence to back it up.

The group had been quiet for a while bar the occasional meme, until Neil piped up with ‘When’s the next big adventure?’. This made me realise that we hadn’t done anything for a while and now that the winter hibernation was behind us it was probably time to get outside and start adventuring again.

The group came alive and the plan started to take shape, I’m the self appointed leader of Adventure Club and definitely the lead planner so I pulled together a rough plan including some mountains, wild camping and even a wild swim and Eddie and Neil signed up.

When the weekend came around Neil bailed with sniffles but Ed and I jumped in his car and headed off for some fun in the Brecon Beacons. 

Waterfall in the forest above Tal y bont Reservoir

We didn’t plan a route for this trip but I knew roughly where I wanted to camp and the lake I intended to swim in so the rest we made up as we went. The clag was well and truly in on Saturday morning so we decided to stay low and explored the forest around Tal y bont Reservoir hoping that the weather would clear. It didn’t clear but we eventually headed up high to set up camp for the night.

Our camping spot.
My tent is the straight one on the right the other is Eddie’s wonky monstrosity.

Sometime during the night the weather did clear and during a night-time pee excursion I stared in awe at the stars before scurrying back into my tent to hide from the cold. Upon waking the skies were nice and blue and there was a wisp of cloud blowing over the high ground. The views were stunning and for me made the whole trip worthwhile. I mentioned earlier a plan to wild swim. Now, this sounded like great fun in our WhatsApp group but after a rather chilly Welsh April night swimming was as far from our minds as could be.

The lake, very much un-swum.
By the way that is a patch of snow just above it.

Day 2 was the high day and we conquered; Corn Du, Pen y Fan, Cribyn, Fan y Big, Craig Cwm-Oergwm, Craig Cwareli, Bwlch y Ddwyallt, Waun-Rydd before heading down into Talybont on Usk to pick up the car and head home. On the way back to the car we were in for one last treat, as we passed a field of lambs and ewes we were lucky enough to see lamb being born and that was a brilliant end to a fun weekend.

Proud mother and cute baby lamb
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