Last summer I wrote a blog titled ‘I Want to be an Adventure’, now 18 months on I’m looking back and taking stock as to whether I have achieved this or not. It’s in my Twitter bio and the name of this bog is ‘Adventures with Kev’ so I’m pretty sure that I’ve achieved it. 

And why can I be so sure? Well adventure is as individual as we all are so if I say I’m an adventurer who can tell me that I’m wrong. The dictionary defines it as an exciting or very unusual experience and what excites me may bore the next and what’s unusual to me may be their day to day. 

Have I been excited? Well, battling through a mini blizzard atop Harter Fell in the Lake District in near darkness in January with two close adventure buddies definitely ticks that box.

No photos of Harter Fell. It was dark, duh.
But this one is on High Street before the sun disappeared. 

Have I had any unusual experiences? Camping atop Carnedd Llewelyn in May directing ultra-runners taking on the inaugural Ultra Trail Snowdonia 100 mile race was definitely a first for me so consider that box ticked too.

Runners approaching our checkpoint just before sunrise.

There we have it. I am most definitely an adventurer and you can be too, Just do something that excites you or something out of the ordinary and slap a big name badge on that says adventurer.

Now what are you waiting for get out there and let’s start adventuring!