The term ‘ambassador’ has come under a little fire lately in some of the social media circles I move in. So after being asked to become an ambassador for Sealskinz I thought I’d broach the subject head on.

This is not the first time I have been an ambassador. In 2017 I became an ambassador for Milton Keynes Marathon and I had no reservations about this. I had run this race before and Andy and his team always put on a really great event; there’s a reason it has a 4.6/5 rating on Racecheck.

Let’s talk about Sealskinz then. I’d like to say that they approached me and said ‘Hey Kev we’ve read your blog and we love it. Here’s some free stuff’, but it didn’t happen like that. I was asked by my manager at Up & Running as she was approached by Sealskinz and I’m probably the most active member of staff on social media as well as being into multiple outdoor activities.

So, why then when I was asked ‘ Would you like some free stuff in return for a few tweets and a review’, did I have to think twice? 

Well firstly, did I believe in the product? In the case of Sealskinz this was obvious as I’ve been a user of their products since my days in the Army and they’ve never let me down. 

My trusty (old) hat and glove set 

And secondly, could I be honest and unbiased about them? Of course, and even if it affects my future as an ambassador I will always give my honest opinion formed on my experiences with the products in question.

Latest products to try out

What can you expect from me? Firstly, once I’ve had a chance to fully trial the products I’ve been given I will be giving a fair and honest review of them. Also, I will be sharing posts and tweets from them on my social media channels but I will not be shoe-horning them annoyingly into every single post.

With this all off my chest here’s to a long and mutually beneficial relationship between myself and Sealskinz. Now go out and buy their stuff!