It’s been a couple of weeks since my first #microadventure with the boys (I refer to Jarvis and Darwin, my trusty Cocker Spaniels, as ‘the boys’. A little sad but I don’t care). We all had a great time and I thought it about time I did a quick write up as our next outing is this weekend.

For our first adventure we kept it pretty tame, staying close to home and booking a campsite to stay at. This also made it really easy and super cheap. The only costs were the campsite at £8 and my food from Cotswold Outdoor at £10. I also treated myself to a new spork bringing the trip total to £20; an absolute bargain!

I had most of the kit already but when it came to packing it all up in my Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30 that I won in a Runners Against Rubbish competition a few weeks ago I soon realised that I was not travelling as light as I thought. I did however pack a few things that I knew I wouldn’t need on this trip but would need on more adventurous trips; it’s best to get used to carrying these things now.

As I said we didn’t stray far from home but our run out was a nice 12 miles mostly along the Grand Union Canal. There were quite a few people on the canal and keeping Jarvis from saying hello to all of them was a challenge. I had his lead clipped through one of the straps on my pack and when he spotted a stag do dressed as the cast of Baywatch enjoying a Tesco deli counter chicken on a nearby boat he broke the strap and was half in the boat and inches away from the chicken when I grabbed him.

Our campsite was fairly quiet apart from a noisy brouhaha in the night but we just stayed in our tent and let it sort itself out. We took a different route back and apart from a housing development built on top of the foot path it was pretty straight forward.

I’ve tried to keep this pretty brief and not give a minute by minute commentary and in depth kit breakdown but if you want to know more about my experiences or kit just ask in the comments.

What did I learn from this #microadventure?

Firstly, adventure needn’t be complicated or costly: just put your kit on your back and get out there!

And secondly, keep it light! My kit, including the boy’s food and extra water for all three of us, was just shy of 12kgs and this gets heavy after a while! I’ve already identified a few places I can save weight and I’ve purchased a new tent that is over a kilogram lighter than my current one but super snug with all three of us inside.

This weekend we are stepping it up a notch and heading into the mountains of north Snowdonia. I can’t wait!

This is our destination on Saturday. I won’t say where it is as we want it to ourselves. Photo by Kris Williams under license