I follow a lot of adventurers on Twitter and read some brilliant blogs and I often get a little envious of the fun they seem to be having. I check out their slick websites and read their awesome bios:

‘After graduating from Oxford Quentin wanted more than a six-figure city job like his father, so he packed up all of his possessions, drew down on his trust fund and moved to Outer Mongolia’. 

Now that may be a little exaggerated but a lot of them read like this. I’m not the only person to notice this; The Runion ran an article along a similar vein.

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So I kept telling myself this wasn’t for me. Sure, I love the outdoors but I have a mortgage, a wife and two dogs to feed; I can’t just give it all up and swan about in sandals. This is all true but why can’t I do both? I have a secure job that pays the bills and I’m not about to give that up, but it shouldn’t mean that I can’t have adventure in my life. I can’t afford to take months off work, nor can I afford to jet around the world but I don’t have to. The UK is beautiful and if you look for it you can find adventure anywhere.

A few of the blogs I follow advocate this. Alastair Humphreys encourages micro adventures and Tim Moss gives great advice and even offers grants to help with adventures. So, I decided to take the leap and follow some of their advice.

This weekend I have decided that I’m going to pack my tent and supplies up, take the aforementioned dogs and camp out for the night on the edge of Milton Keynes. Now I’m not rebel enough to wild camp, especially with two rowdy dogs, so I will be booking into a local campsite but hopefully this will be the first of many little adventures and who knows where it will take me.