I’ve been putting off writing this blog for two reasons; number 1 – I’m a little devastated that the project has derailed so early on, and number 2 – I’m quite embarrassed that I was conned into buying a dud.

A dud you say? I will elaborate. Project Egg is now indefinitely on hold due to the original eggshell eggsploding.


I was on my way back from a Run England LiRF course when things took a turn for the worst and I ended up stranded at the side of the A1 right outside the Adult Pit Stop, anyone that has driven that way will no doubt know the seedy little shack by the side of the road.

But how did I get here? Was it pure bad luck? I wish it was but the signs were there from the start and that’s why I feel like such a fool.

Lets go back a few weeks to that faithful night when I purchased the eggshell and was full of optimism and glee.

I had been looking for an vehicle for this project at the right price for a little while but they were either pretty battered or no longer available. But then I stumbled upon this particular offering on Gumtree being sold by ‘Colin’ from Luton. Now I gave ‘Colin’ a call and despite the slight accent giving away the fact that ‘Colin’ was probably not his given name he was charming and knowledgeable so I decided to ignore that and take a look anyway. I met ‘Colin’ one evening on a dark residential street in Luton and proceeded to take a look over the vehicle. It was everything I wanted, 4WD, full curtains set, immaculate bodywork. There was just one niggle in the back of my mind, where was the radiator cap? ‘Colin’ assured me that it was simply lost and he had ordered a replacement. I quizzed him at length on this, had the car overheated and blown the cap? Was this masking a hidden problem? Every question I had ‘Colin’ had a very plausible answer for and he also assured me that he was a motor trader and that I would be given a 1 month warranty on the vehicle. This put my mind at rest as I’d get it looked over and if necessary repaired under warranty. I parted with my money and my old Landrover and ‘Colin’ gave me a receipt and a handshake and assured me that the warranty details would be emailed in due course.

Now, the car drove fine for a couple of weeks until the replacement radiator cap that I had ordered arrived. When I fitted the cap the radiator warning light would come on intermittently so I arranged to get it checked over the following week. I didn’t know that it was never going to make it to the following week. So there I was sat at the side of the A1 staring at a sex shop piecing this all together feeling like a right mug.

You’ve probably guessed, the warranty never materialised and ‘Colin’ no longer takes my calls. Although I’m pretty sure ‘Colin’ is a seasoned con man I’m not going to pursue the matter as I’m only going to wind myself up for very little gain. I’ve just taken this on the chin and chalked it up to experience.

So, where is it now? After taking some advice from a trustworthy local mechanic I decided not to throw good money after bad and I gave the vehicle away to Bumble Campers (www.bumblecampers.com) so that hopefully it will at least go to good use as spares.

Don’t worry though Project Egg is not dead just on hold until my wife forgets about the time I gave away our car and £700 cash.